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Measuring Concurrent Jobs Over Time
July 17, 2020
If you are looking to move your Azure DevOps Server or TFS implementation to Azure DevOps Services, you will find that the licensing and pricing around concurrent job’s has changed. First, what is a “concurrent job” anyway? In short, a job can mean a few different things in Azure DevOps, but a concurrent job relates to a discrete unit of work executed as part of a pipeline (Release or Build). That being said you may find it somewhat difficul to gauge how many concurrent pipelines you are currently using at most during the course of business. Read More...
Migrating Work Items Across Projects, Organizations, Templates and Even Process Models
February 17, 2020
Azure Devops can be quite flexible and allow users to structure their work items to meet the needs of their favorite and preferred DevOps process. It even allows you to go fully custom if that’s your desire. But with such flexibility can come some challenges. In order to strike a proper balance, one fundamental decision organizations need to understand is how coarse or fine grained should teams, repos, boards and developers be across Team Projects. Read More...
Static Site Generators - Beauty in Simplicity
February 14, 2020
Recently I’ve had to spin up a number of blogs and simple sites for friends and customers. The process of doing basic web development has changed so much over the past 15 years! Fifteen years back I might have created a website in pure html and css, perhaps some javascript thrown in if they wanted a sparkling mouse cursor, or some background music (so kitsch!). If you went back perhaps 10 years ago, I might have spun up a website using ASP. Read More...
Collecting and Analyzing Dumps with .Net Core on Linux
December 23, 2019
Over the past 18 years or so of .NET’s life span an entire ecosystem of tools have been developed to assist in troubleshooting application faults and problems. One common tool used to debug is called WinDBG and has historically been used heavily to triage application faults. However, in the past few years, with the advent of .Net Core, more and more .Net applications are running on Linux! This has opened up an entire market in which . Read More...
Managing 'Cleanup' Jobs Being Processed by Your Agents with Azure DevOps
June 9, 2019
Managing your software development lifecycle in an enterprise environment can at times be a challenge. For many large enterprise customers a commonly used feature is the build retention policy, where build artifacts are retained for a period of time after your build pipeline successfully generates artifacts. But what happens when your build artifacts begin to exceed your retention policy? Azure DevOps has a clean up process that daily executes to clean up old build artifacts. Read More...