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Migrating Work Items Across Projects, Organizations, Templates and Even Process Models

Posted on February 17, 2020 | 2 minute read

Azure Devops can be quite flexible and allow users to structure their work items to meet the needs of their favorite and preferred DevOps process. It even allows you to go fully custom if that’s your desire. But with such flexibility can come some challenges.

In order to strike a proper balance, one fundamental decision organizations need to understand is how coarse or fine grained should teams, repos, boards and developers be across Team Projects. One one side, having many team projects provides organizations with isolation that has benefits in the form of security and management. On the other hand, the more team projects an organization maintains, the more challenging it is to roll up and report on the status across all the team projects in your organization.

A great break down of how to strike this balance can be found in a blog series by a colleague and friend, Emmanuel Knafo, “One Project to Rule Them All”.

Fortunately for us, a fantastic tool has been developed by Martin Hinshelwood that makes migrating work items in and out of projects a breeze!

So if you are tasked with the process of merging many projects into one large project, or perhaps break one large project into many smaller projects, this tool is exactly what you’re looking for!

More info can be found over at their GitHub page!

Happy Coding Everyone!

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